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Vanni district parliamentarian Hon Cader, Cader Mastan delivered their maiden speech in Parliament on the 2015.11.28.

Unlimited Gracious, Most loved having turned the name of Allah [start]
Unlimited Gracious, Most loved having turned the name of Allah (start)

S all in the Universe, who created all things, nurture error (creator) belongs to Allah

Hon Deputy Speaker, Hon Ministers, Members of Parliament, A chance to compete in parliamentary elections HE President Maithripala Sirisena my heartfelt thanks to them, he said further.
Deputy Speaker, Hon!
In 2009 the three-decade civil war ended, about five and a half (5½) years in the last stages of the war and the brutality of his eyes, saw its woes realized three generations of his sorrow in history, frozen, keeping a unified Sri Lanka, our motherland, the future need, the Vanni, the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people and the dawn United People's Freedom Front is a need to vote, have the opportunity to speak here today to elect me to Parliament, the truth, integrity, fairness, respect for the people of Vanni hearty first convey my heartfelt thanks. Praise is to Allah.

. The public service is nothing new to me. Along the way I practice my father whom he brought from the front, the parliament never happen to an individual involved in the area of ​​social services in Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim people never forgot the place of the mind. Today at me the way he worked with people from the population of the Vanni people have elected their representative. So now, my work has become a social duty.
President Maithripala Sirisena led by the United People's Freedom Alliance's first parliamentary elections, the party won from the whole country, only one Muslim MP of the way, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, on behalf who won only a minority MP's means, ethnic, religious, language, regardless of whether they I am grateful to all people to serve.

Deputy Speaker, Hon!
The budget for the financial year 2016 are presented in his speech the Minister of Finance Hon Ravi Karunanayake
'We did not aim to establish a platform only for a few millionaires. Our aim is to create an avenue for creating millions of millionaires. 'He said.
In fact, multi-ethnic, multi-religious context of the long history of our country for all people without any discrimination, the economic boom of the rainbow lights, such as the reorganization of the development of a nation, our target has to be.

His Excellency the President and the Hon Prime Minister noted, the best opportunities for our future generations with the aim of making the budget was set.

In fact, the budget proposed
• Creating a million jobs
• Develop income levels
• Development of rural economies
• rural and plantation sectors, belong to the middle class and the confirmation of the right of government employees, property
• ensure broad and powerful middle classes Creating
Matters are very welcome.
Deputy Speaker, Hon!
Vanni, the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people's representative, in terms of the budget specified in rural economic revival activity related to agriculture, fruits and vegetables products, Dairy Industry, Fisheries, Poultry, and with the specific term administration and the industry through the efforts of our people often I hope to benefit.

Especially in the budget
• Paddy warehouse technology-oriented establishment in the Mannar district.
• Anuradhapura, Vavuniya and Kilinochchi districts, combining agriculture, livestock and fish processing industry and the creation of centers,
• The establishment of an economic zone in Vavuniya has allocated Rs 200 million rupees,
• Establishment of the Agricultural Faculty in Vavuniya improve education for our area
• In the Jaffna railway, Maho and Vavuniya are to improve the speed of up to Rs 2,000 million allocated
• Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Mullaitivu and Jaffna highway linking the north-eastern extension of the like kind,
The best projects will benefit many people in the Vanni. They tapped into their heads the country's national economy and the lives of the partners hope will transform a community.

Deputy Speaker, Hon!
A major development with the aim of providing full support to the efforts of our country will be traveling with, as well as a key partner for leading are eager to work with all people of Vanni.
However, in the context of the war in Vanni reason unjustly expelled from the soil of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese people are living as internal refugees is very depressing, distressing.
Ethnic Good flexibility is fully in achieving the obstacles and term extensions, especially its main crux of Reconstruction-up, compensate, judicial, political prisoner amnesty of supply and adequate living accommodations for all people and a decent way to re-settlement of the issues of unreasonable duration kidnapped being, regional development , has seriously affected people's daily lives.

At  the end of the war, tens of thousands of people in Vanni without being resettled in their original places, or are unable to re-settle. More than a hundred young people were arrested in the context of war, as well as the Government said the detainees without any trial. Also, any information about their relatives who had been abducted by unidentified mode of living to unprecedented tragedy for hundreds of thousands of families are living in the Vanni. Losing the heads of the family, today, housewives and widows who live among the various difficulties with responsibility for the welfare of their children living with them and we have committed can not be forgotten.
This tragedy is not only the people of Vanni offend all humanity by looking at the issue to matters of genuine national spirit.
Therefore, to identify the real needs of our people, priority, appropriate measures must be taken to solve them.
Deputy Speaker, Hon!
As they stated Honorable Finance Minister
To re-settle the internally displaced families that we take immediate action, livelihood opportunities for resettled families have already taken action to provide basic needs. For proper sanitation, clean drinking water and electricity, with 20,000 homes in Mannar and Mullaitivu districts to construct
As mentioned in the budget. This is a very welcome step. In fact, even today, there is a need for a lot of houses. Therefore, the budget and attain the goals of the complete, harmonious whole nation, all the people were denied the right to live at home and need moisture to settle with full facilities. Due to the wide range of course and ensure its powerful middle classes expected to generate.

Apart from this, the lack of drinking water, lack of infrastructure, lack of livelihood support, professionalism, lack of opportunities, education, public facilities as well as problems of the Vanni and Mannar, Vavuniya and Mullaitivu districts, found three.
The number of people affected by kidney disease in Vavuniya district in the year 2014 to 182 in 2015 to 286, an increase of about 57 persons. This is a very dangerous situation. People's health has seriously affected the amount of calcium in the water.
In this way the  efforts  of His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena a massive kidney hospital in establishing the need of the times in the border area of ​​the Vanni. In the Vanni region, it seems to bring relief to the pure water supply all the necessary arrangements to be made for the settlement.

Especially after the war in Vanni displaced people in 2010, namely the re-immigrant sections of roads have been repaired. But the concentration of people living in Vavuniya based on residential roads are in very bad condition.
Especially calampaikkulam, puvaracankulam, kurukkalur the villages linking Vavuniya parayalalankulam junction of the A30 road, nelukkulam from the junction cutuventapulavu, ulukkulam, virapuram through matavacci Mannar road linking the B325, the road and varikkuttiyur, tampankulam villages linking puvaracankulam, Cheddikkulam Road, mamatuva, pokasveva, parakkiramapura the villages linking Start Weli Oya velikkulam the B442 road, as is the need to be tuned to many major roads.

They are the Deputy Speaker, Hon!
For decades, the people of Vanni buried unsolved problems may be brought in this way. If a man can do alone solution, but should not come as a complete state apparatus, therefore, the only real solution works in conjunction with the political leaderships of the organizations of the people believe that can be achieved.

Available to the dawn of the affected people, the journey to work with the national government, the development of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala political leadership and regional politicians to work together beyond their party who pray to the Almighty God and will be completed in my maiden speech.

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