Thursday, December 3, 2015

Government, politician's , government officials, more attention.

Northern Muslims by the   LTTE  in 1990 and banished from their native habitats in this news known to all.
Great band to the LTTE in Sri Lanka, Sinhalese and Tamil-speaking community of their basic right to request from the government, is guilty of armed conflict.
Muslims   who were driven by the LTTE in the No
rthern Province, the minorities living in the community. Were the majority   community in the Northern Province. Tamils. Muslims chased by them with weapons.
Received now completed twenty-five years. Many thousands of refugees during this period died due to old age and Disease. Dentists thousand children born. Today, there are an increasing number of new families.
The war ended in 2009. Throughout the country was brought under one rule. Re-colonial state in the name of the location of the final battle took more attention. The Muslims gave spying work.
But the Muslims were driven from the provincial government in resettlement had not paid much attention.
So in the year 2015 and the selections of the new national government, parliamentarians and government officials is a serious directive Muslim refugee families will be resettl
ed in a hurry. Sultan Fareed Mullativu

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