Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vanni district parliamentarian Kader al-Haj Mastan they issued a special press release on 2015.12.19

Prohibiting all acts of racial reconciliation in the country to whip up hostility to the law should be enacted immediately
To protect the basic rights of all people is no dispute. However, the fundamental right to freedom of expression as a human shield in the irresponsible way, the truth, and some ethnic groups or religions or religious leaders outside the campaign's target launch HATRED gets longer and do not allow for good governance on the national government.
Races and religious groups in Sri Lanka from 1900 to distort the good relationship of the number of divisions from time to time by the forces of our nation, national unity and the establishment of irreparable damage, the effect of many, we are experiencing today. Indecent manner without any restraints, our economy today is in the grip of extremism, racism, and left to grow for about 50 years, there has been in the bin directory. Also, "We are Sri Lankans," mobilizing the masses under the umbrella of the major crises of today are facing

.It is therefore a sign of Sri Lanka to the United Nations international convention on civil and political rights of the (ICCPR), 20 (2) In accordance with Section passionate hatred of all measures should be banned in Sri Lanka. Germany, France, the United States and Europe, including the general all of our neighboring country, the United Arab Emirates, India and the Middle East, most countries in the world, including the passage of laws prohibiting the practice, control measures are inciting hatred.

So lasting Reconciliation are evolving again, terrorism and ethnic conflict does not appear to be, the Cabinet approves the Parliament submitted a criminal penalty (Amendment) Bill enacted immediately appropriate measures must be taken as the honorable President Maithripala Sirisena, Hon Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, the national government request
Thanks. K.Kader  Mastan Face book.

Transition from the Tamil language. Sultan  Fareed Mullaitivu.

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