Monday, November 23, 2015

In 1999 it qualified to vote in the District and "Muslim" population of voters

 Provincial Muslims forced eviction by the LTTE in 1990 and then lived in the refugee camp in the northern Muslims, he is the main locations of the area cluster polling stations were set up to facilitate voting
This facility was established part of parliamentary elections since 1994. Every year, our voter registration forms completed by us to our own areas by relevant government authorities routed the vote was being renovated annually.
Our adult children please fill out the forms to draw our nations to shine despite the rejection of the usual places.
Did not include the names of our children The name comes from the voters list only those mullaittivu appropriate application forms used to put their votes on the EC a 1999 years with focus on the flaws found in the voters list
If the voter list was pointed out by taking my family Neeravippiddi East 11 / c / 47/13 on the side of House No 130 Muhammad Sultan Fareed  -Series, No. 625, No. 626 in the series as Fareed Wanoon  Two votes came only. My son was born in 1978. In 1999, his age is 21, but not more than to add his name
Like thousands of more victims. . (Done wrong) Our registered to vote in 2013, 2013 in Mullaitivu permanently resident voters names voter lists from the destroyed Aunt for the reconstruction of the appeal was the last 2015.10.05 on the candidates Mullaitivu district elections office to pick up the trial was held However, it is good for us not never going to be that we are now refugees living in the area who registered as voters urged to provided.
Especially given the advice to register in  Puttalam. In which some of us have suspected for executive actions. Therefore, on behalf of which they are directly to the Secretary of Mullaitivu District, other state officials and politicians is being written.
V l t responsible for the re-colonial land with facilities for those landless, home of a proper resettlement of the approximately eight thousand  increasing the voting power of our message will be the runt. Would have passed.Some people are trying to set up to take advantage of the plume. Some people are afraid that it would be a disadvantage to him.
The age range was determined in favor of the regional council Mari time pattu.
The party has however been able to observe more selfishly.
So the government has chosen to keep the land in Mullaitivu for the Muslims who have already Kachchri   land to a land, house and other essential facilities for the resettlement of the Muslims on the border to the new section of the circuit and to the government not to implement.
As well as to abstain from hiking in Mullaitivu Tamilar re-settlement (due to explosive materials) Regional Council and Regional Council elections, the last two times we stopped Mari  time Pattu debit.
As Muslims, it is completely reversible after settling  Mari Time Pattu debit Mullaitivu Regional Council to organize elections on behalf of the Hon Election Commissioner calls upon Muslims to Mullaitivu. Sultan Fareed Mullativu

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